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  • Gold-50 has the best 18K solid gold jewelry to choose from starting with used designs in excellent condition to exclusive new designs meant to excite your fine taste in jewelry.
  • We specialize in buying and selling gold jewelry and act as a professional intermediary for our most valued clients.
  • Our previously owned 18K jewelry is checked for quality assurance and is our guarantee that they arrive to you in excellent condition. In fact, you won’t be able to tell the difference between used and new 18K gold jewelry with the naked eye!
  • You can feel safe and be certain that our jewelry meets the highest quality standards.
  • Our mission here at Gold-50 is to provide efficient and friendly on-line customer service for all our clients and their concerns.
  • Gold-50 is a family owned business which has been operating for more than 15 years in Antwerp, Belgium, the heart of Europe.
  • The longevity and success of this business is a product of our dedication to the art of jewelry and passion for customer care.
Take advantage of our expertise and receive
18K Top European Jewelry designs
at the most competitive prices on the global internet market!

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